What is this?

A easy-to-use PHP library for controlling compatible led signs via the Internet.

A led sign controlled by the PHP API


Led signs traditionally ship with proprietary Windows software that can be used for statically setting the texts that are displayed on them. The PHP API library provides you a mechanism for accessing the sign from your own programs, making it possible to show any kind of information in real-time.

A led sign is great for making something (appear) more important. For example, you might want to use a led sign to display:

  • Server status information
  • The number of users online in your web community
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Stock data
  • Facebook status updates:)

In any case, it a led sign makes your office/living room much cooler.

How do I use it?

With knowledge of PHP, using the library is dead simple. Still, a detailed API documentation and
instructions on getting started exists.

$ledSign = new LedSign('') // ip address of your led sign
$ledSign->setText('Hello World');

What led signs does it work with?

The PHP library has been developed and tested with the Eurolite ESN 8×70 Red/Green/Yellow led sign, but it will probably work with any recent led sign that can be “programmed” with the Sigma 3000 software. There are quite many of them.

Read more on page on compatibility. The led sign I used for development costs about 200 €.

Where to download?

You can download the library from here. The code ships with a BSD-license.

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